Lucca Biennale Cartasia

THE THEME OF THE 11th EDITION – 2022: “The White Page.”

"What is a white page?"

Infinite possibilities. A different future, a dream to be realized, an ambition, a different perspective, an alternative to routine. The feeling of being able to draw a different, new and better world.
At the same time it is the anxiety of everything, of the negative eventuality, of the unforeseen consequences; a leap in the dark. An inability to act. It is a bridge between past and future, the opportunity for free writing or the anxiety for the infinite unknown, the loss of a comfort zone or the courage to choose.”

For the 11th edition, artists are asked to create their own wonderful works around this theme, as a chance to draw a different world. We believe that art serves cultural betterment in every aspect, which is why we are calling on artists to tell the story of the contemporary.