Lucca Biennale Cartasia

The future of architecture and design in paper

The future of architecture and design in paper. Studies and projects focused on innovation and sustainability. The first issue of the LuBiCa publication series, which collects articles-studies on paper material in architecture and design.

Since the establishment of the event, the mission of Lucca Biennale Cartasia is to tell the story of the world of paper not as an object of common use but as a true artistic expression.

LuBiCa has also always paid special attention to the world of Paper Architecture and Design by recounting the developments, research, and innovations of the last two decades.

This volume was born from a collaboration with industry experts, researchers, and students with the aim of answering a question: are we really sure we know everything about the limits of paper?

“The Future of Paper Architecture and Design – Studies and Projects under the Banner of Innovation and Sustainability” is thus the first volume published by Lucca Biennale Cartasia of a series that aims to tell the story of the Paper Art and Architecture in Paper movement.

Edited by Giulia Bertolucci – curator of the Architecture and Design section of LuBiCa and president of the National Institute of Bioarchitecture INBAR Section of Lucca – and the Director of the Biennale Federica Moretti, the publication collects articles-studies on sustainability, innovation and material research born with the intention of capturing the state of the art of the material paper and its derivatives, both in architecture and design, collected following the Call for papers addressed to architects, designers, researchers and students opened on the occasion of the 11th edition of Lucca Biennale Cartasia in 2022.

* Please note that this publication is ONLY available in Italian.

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