Lucca Biennale Cartasia


Lucca Biennale Cartasia is an event dedicated to art, architecture and design on paper, born with the aim of contributing to cultural improvement. An increasingly creative, stimulating and international context, driven by the conviction that discussing about art means addressing future trends, issues of social interest, aspects of sustainability and innovation. All thanks to the tenacity of the organizers and above all thanks to those who, over time, have decided to support us.

There are many ways in which companies can interact with us and so many opportunities for a brand to enter into synergy with Paper Art.

Let us tell you how.


We are always looking for supporters for our projects, not only for the exhibition but also for all the extra activities we create to involve our audience. We have been working with contemporary paper art for years, and together we can create a special project to enhance and communicate your brand.

Technical sponsorship

A contemporary art exhibition can become an unusual showcase for your company’s products and services. Become a technical sponsor and we will work together to integrate your business into our projects, creating beautiful things!


Meetings, closed events, private guided tours, conferences, conventions, team building, product presentations and dinners, training courses, workshops. Propose your idea or contact us to design it together. We will find the perfect location for any kind of initiative!

Special projects for your company

Contemporary art is creativity, communication, innovation, breaking the mold, new languages, narratives, intuitions. But not only. Lubica is also architecture and design, study and research, sustainability and technology. All of this can become a lever to improve your business vision and open new horizons.

Over the years, the event has developed such a maturity as to arouse considerable interest at an international level, both from participating artists and from art experts: the success and solidity achieved by the project represent the best conditions for guaranteeing the sponsor an adequate return on the investment supported. Becoming a SPONSOR of Lucca Biennale Cartasia means sharing its values of sustainability, innovation, culture and tradition.

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Find out who has already believed in us, from 2004 to today.