Lucca Biennale Cartasia

LubicaLetter is a regular affair, published on the first of every month. We want to turn them into letters in which we may share stories, suggest art, and inspire to inspire us in turn. That is why we invite all of you to send us your stories so that they become a place of dissemination, where we can exchange experiences and meet people, where we can talk about stories, paper, events, and curiosities of various kinds. We believe in the power of stories and the importance of telling them – and the invitation is to choose LubicaLetter – but if you prefer to focus only on news and deadlines you can choose LubicaNews.

LubicaNews are the news related to the LuBiCa world. They will be featured in the LubicaLetters but, for those who are not interested in the stories and decide to receive ONLY at important events related to the Biennial, you can choose LubicaNews. It will be biannual (the first one will come out June 1) and inside will be all LuBiCa news and deadlines.

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