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Statement of LUBICA regarding recent fires in Tuscany

Statement of LUBICA regarding recent fires in Tuscany and their environmental impacts

Since last Monday, the forests in the province of Lucca have been burning, it is our territory and because of that it particularly affects us, but of course it is not the only fire present on a global scale and the severity remains very high at every latitude.

The WWF’s data from 2021 estimate that in the past 40 years the incidence of forest fires has increased by 1,000%.
Most of the green lungs of the planet burn and they damage not only the local economies and the citizens but they aggravate the delicate climatic situation.
At the moment most of South Europe burns: in Italy we have almost 70 fires with more than 600 displaced, in Spain there are 20 fires with thousands of evacuated people and France too is in difficulty.
In the past 4 years we have seen some of the worst fires ever documented: last year the fires in California caused the deforestation of 73 thousand hectares of the wooden ground; in Indonesia illegal logging to produce agricultural land continues to be a serious problem just as in the Amazonia and Angola and Congo they beat the latter for the number of fires present throughout the territory.


The most striking, however, is the Australian forest fire, which leveled 186 million hectares of forest and caused the death of more than a billion animals.
But more than 5,000 buildings also went up in flames and the victims were about 400. This single fire released about 715 million tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere with disastrous damage to the ecosystem.

For this reason it is urgent to raise awareness among the world population on environmental issues. “Considering that many of these fires originate from human actions, it is good to remember that nature always wins, that in this case we are the unwanted guests and that through our negative actions we are doing nothing but compromising our future.” says the director of LUBICA, Federica Moretti.

The resources of the Earth that help it to regenerate itself are many and new ones are always emerging from research, as certified for example by the studies of the University of Helsinki, which tells us that the soil itself, through the microorganisms that inhabit it, provides us with many tools. To reduce the toxicity present in it, caused by toxic residues of industrial processes and also of plastic, on which research has just begun and carried out for example by Professor Giacomo Pietramellara of the University of Florence. As personal initiatives, for example, it could be decided to use fertilizers, pesticides and compost obtained through composting and fermentation of vegetable and animal waste, which would enrich the soil on which they are used with nutrients and this also favoring the proliferation of microorganisms useful from the de-pollution of the soil.
Stefano Mancuso -University of Florence- stresses that “Planting new trees is the only effective – and even cheaper – solution to reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.” and it is estimated that an increase of 20% compared to the current one would be sufficient to contribute significantly to the aim. For years now there have also been numerous initiatives promoted by many associations and web pages that encourage their users to “adopt” plants and animals and many companies that, to offset their emissions, decide to plant a tree for each product they sell.

Each of us can do their part to contribute to a change necessary for the human being. We at LUBICA are trying to do our part, both to raise awareness among our public and in a practical way, by promoting initiatives for this very purpose, “we know well that what we do is just a drop in the ocean. But if this drop were not there, the ocean would be missing it ” and we hope that there will be more and more drops like ours!

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