Lucca Biennale Cartasia

Born in 2004 it has reached in 2010 its fifth edition. The event holds, among its aims, the spread of the historical memory for the paper tradition and for the importance of recycle. The heart of the event consists of a contest where the projects by artists coming from the all over the world are selected by a jury of experts. The selected works, rigorously realized in paper and cardboard, are set in the squares and streets of the city, where it is possible to admire them and to interact with them. In this way, the artistic installations so put in the city environment, seem to come to life: the works have their own living-space that can be seen, felt and crossed. Furthermore, beside the en plein air collective exhibition, the event displays monographic exhibitions and happenings in order to offer a rich calendar of activities all along the period of the Biennial.