Lucca Biennale Cartasia


Country: Belgium

Mosaic of 2412 paper and wood cones,
6 x 100.5 x 100.5 cm


Project 4753
Mosaic of 4753 paper and wood cones,
1 x 174 x 98 cm


Project 8000
Mosaic of 8000 glossy paper and wood cones,
121 x 82 x 5 cm

Kris Soete is a Belgian artist from Niieuwpoort. He divides his time between his love for the visual arts, a career as a police officer, and a love of theatre. Three years ago, his artistic research took him to experiment with creating paper mosaics through a very labor intensive, software supported process that he developed. This innovative but time-consuming technique allows him to produce only a few art pieces a year. They are made by combining small pieces of paper that are folded to achieve a three-dimensional texture, that are collected from magazines, papers or comic books. The principle at play is ‘strength in numbers’—combining thousands of these shapes into a mosaic, a second image is revealed, one the details of which are clearer as the distance from the art piece is increased.
This is made to reflect the strength that comes from large groups, as opposed to individuals.