Lucca Biennale Cartasia

Entrust – Eu Tazé

Country: Peru

200x220x220 cm

The artwork Entrust, created by the artist, consists of a kneeling figure with their hands on their chest and with a pair of wings. The idea around the work is that of a white page that can appear as a leap into the void, towards something unknown, that can generate anxiety or hope. To feel ready to face a leap into the void, you must first have a great emotional and mental calm, as facing the white page is an act of trust. Trust allows us to face negative feelings and acquire the courage that enables us to fly into the void and write our own history.

Eu Tazé is a self-taught Franco-Peruvian artist who has been working since 2015 mainly making large-format cardboard sculptures. Her work peculiarity is the transformation of the woman's body into mythological beings, and the material itself, essentially using recycled cardboard to create art. Tazé won the Lucca Biennale Cartasia public award in 2018, was a finalist in the IPAE Sculpture Competition in Lima in 2019, and exhibited at the Fullerton Museum in California in 2021.