Lucca Biennale Cartasia

Emerging from Obscurity – Sebastian Blomqvist

Country: Sweden

200x170x280 cm

The artwork Emerging from obscurity, created in collaboration with Jennifer Berling, takes the shape of a female body emerging from a chrysalis, an element that represents the inner space in which to find oneself and emerge with the curiosity to find new paths for one's future. For the artist, the white page is the space inside the mind, in which we store dreams and thoughts. A place where the objectives are clear and lead on the right path, evolving with the person, adapting to age and character.

Sebastian is an artist based in Sweden. For about ten years his focus has been on recycling
cardboard and paper and using it as a sculptural medium. The inspiration comes from architecture and organic shapes, mainly the human body as seen in classical sculpture. He tries to constantly move and continue to evolve visually in order to find new ways of expression.