Lucca Biennale Cartasia

Choice – Daniele Cornacchia

Country: Italy

450x350x250 cm

The sculpture, Choice, depicts a figure with long hair emerging from the ground, made up of thousands of white paper sheets. Each white page represents the infinite possibilities to choose from: just like new ideas emerge from the unconscious, so the statue emerges from the ground of the city, which embodies an already known construct. The sculpture is integrated into the city, the white sheets intended to reflect the marble blocks of the buildings that surround it. The human figure is a reference to the past that is renewed, evolving, but remaining faithful to itself.

Daniele Cornacchia was born in Prato in 1981. Since childhood, he has had a great passion for drawing. After completing his studies in electronics, he dedicated himself to studying music in Bologna and Florence. Afterwards, he came back to visual arts by studying painting in Florence.