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The meeting point between artists, architects, designers, engineers, researchers, students, universities and schools, companies, institutions, organizations, cultural events, museums, teachers, journalists, critics, curators.


Comparisons and reflections on the state of the art of paper and cardboard to connect apparently different worlds and stimulate discussion with a positive look at change in a neutral terrain where tradition, know-how, relationship, quality, uniqueness, innovation, sustainability, training and research come together to exchange knowledge and skills on the material for an intrepid and original use. An industry meeting to discuss topics of common interest, exchange ideas, projects, products, information and experiences, to analyze this fragile but resistant, long-lasting but recyclable material, often waste but with potential yet to be discovered. A unique event where everyone can make a difference.

The innovation process becomes a concrete success only when the whole process is carried out in synergy between the various players in the supply chain, with competence and dedication.

Artists and Designers

Artists, architects, designers, engineers, students are the bearers of ideas who stand out for their ability to conceive, develop and communicate creative and innovative ideas. They are those who belong to the fields of art, fashion, design, packaging, set-up, architecture and engineering, and with their intuitions they contribute to feeding a circular, cyclical, sustainable and light system.
I am the ship. The means to advance, which allows you to act. I am the one who discovers, takes inspiration, creates the idea. Who gives shape to creativity. Who boldly seeks the new, the different, the change. The dynamics of life, of desire, of the will to be, to transform.

Researchers and Universities

Researchers, Schools, Universities and Higher Education Institutions are the incubators that enable the transformation of scientific and technological discoveries into concrete commercial solutions. They are the interlocutors who supply the necessary skills to the territory and feed them, at the forefront of the material research and development sectors.
I am the sea. Where everything comes to life. The ecosystem that has allowed development, growth, and evolution. The container that allows innovations, technology transfer and economic development in order to help entrepreneurs transform their innovative ideas into successful businesses.

Companies and Organizations

Companies, institutions, bodies, cultural events and museums are the actuators who take hold of an idea or a project and carry it forward, transforming it into reality. They act as executors or key players in the process of implementing ideas.
I am the wind. What moves, pushes, forces. Since ancient times, the element associated with the phenomena of breath and the spirit that infuses life, which allows us to move forward, to fuel development. Clean, sustainable energy for society and for ideas.

Journalists and Curators

Art critics, journalists, curators, teachers are the storytellers who have an attentive, vigilant, neutral but critical look at what is happening, with the great responsibility of being able in turn to tell the real and the contemporary for everyone.
I am the book. The collection of stories that can pass on, remember, teach. They play a key role in the communication and dissemination of stories, both in the literary context and in other forms of artistic, scientific and engineering expression, creating empathy and emotional involvement in the users of the innovation.

Do you belong to other categories?

Even if you don’t recognize yourself in one of these categories but you have innovative ideas or you are simply curious to discover the avant-garde of paper art, there is space for you too.


Lubica Lubica Paper Summit is Lubica's avant-garde promise.

Lubica is Lucca Biennale Cartasia, the unique event in the world that recognizes the art of paper as a global movement, showcasing all its nuances. Paper Art at 360° with monumental sculptures and indoor art, fashion, architecture and design, performing art, but also networking and training projects. Always ahead, bold and innovative. A world within the world, in 20 years of continuous evolution.


Paper Lubica Paper Summit is the story of what we do best in the area: paper.

A meeting point to analyze the state of the art of this fragile but resistant, long-lasting but recyclable, waste material but with potential yet to be discovered. The power of a territory with centuries of knowledge behind it to exchange all-round skills, always for the benefit of the best possible solution. A baggage that must continue to be fed. A real love story.


Lubica Paper Summit is the courage of a vision.

The courage to connect apparently different worlds by stimulating discussion about today in a critical and constructive way, looking to the future, to become an active part in building our future, with training and discussions on the world of paper. A neutral ground where tradition, know-how, experience, relationships, quality, uniqueness, innovation, sustainability, training and research come together to exchange knowledge and skills. A unique event where everyone can make a difference.

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We are always looking for supporters for our projects and there are infinite ways to work together. We would like contemporary art to be a showcase for you outside the usual clichés to affirm products and services of your brand by building something beautiful together, and this event is the starting point.


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