Lucca Biennale Cartasia


How to become a protagonists of Lubica.

To exhibit your work in Lubica it is necessary to send an application for the appropriate call, completed in all its parts. The contribution that you artists give to improving the world through art is precious, and being its largest exhibition venue makes us proud. To all those who decide to participate in the calls we wish you the best of luck.

We remind you that the proposals must be related to the theme of the current edition.

Artists, performers, designers and architects. 

The selected artists will exhibit their works in the months of August and September 2022 in the exhibitions of the Biennale, set up in places of historical and cultural importance, assisted and guided by our team of technicians and curators.

The possible locations are: Piazza Santa Maria, Piazzale Verdi, Piazza San Donato / garden of the ex Cavallerizza, Piazza San Michele, Loggiato Pretorio, Porta dei Borghi, Porta San Gervasio, Piazza San Francesco. In any case, LUBICA can add locations in the following phases.

For the winners of the Residency call, the residency is envisaged for the duration of the creation of the works, with travel, accommodation, materials and technical assistance costs covered, and a cash prize of € 1.000.

The semifinalists of the Residency call are required (as per the competition announcement) to send the scale model and the executive project. The deadline for receiving the requested material: 15 DECEMBER 2023.

Artists and Performers. 

This announcement is an invitation to artists from all over the world to express their voice through paper. The competition is open to all emerging or professional artists and has as its goal the selection of works or performances that involve the use of paper, enhancing its originality and its bold, particular and innovative use.

The final selection will choose the artworks of Indoor, Video Art, Fashion and the creation of performances in the exhibition venues of the Biennale.

Residency and Outdoor

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Indoor and Video Art

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Those who applied by 31 May had the opportunity to send us an article which we will publish in Beyond Paper&People – the magazine, which will be distributed free of charge during the event. No problem for those who didn’t sign up in time, there’s still space available! Beyond Paper&People – as you know – is also a blog and will have a new “meet the artist” section where we will publish an interview with those who apply by July 31st. As always, our goal is to spread your art and your story, to inspire and inspire us. All you need to do is sign up for the offer to take advantage of the offer. The delivery of drafts and models can take place within the deadline of the announcement.


1. Download the announcement, read it carefully, fill it in and sign it (applies to each call).
2. Make the payment.
3. Send us your idea and all the required documentation (application form and payment receipt).

Any question? For any information or clarifications do not hesitate to contact us.