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LubicAdvice: February 2023

International Women’s Day is dedicated to the political, social, and economic achievements of women, but also to reflecting on the inequality and violence they have been and are still subjected to.

On the occasion of this anniversary, with LubicAdvice we wanted to select a few initiatives to remember and support the work done – with courage – so far.

In the Italian and European publishing scene ‘NOIDONNE’ represents a rare example of editorial continuity that has been chronicling – with high-level professional expressions and with attention to the national and international cultural and political context – the activities, achievements, thoughts and movements of women since 1944. In detail, the 1946 issue on March 8 after the war./ INFO

Story of the first woman to denounce the violence she suffered in 1960s Sicily. An Italy-France co-production Capri Entertainment and Medset Film, in association with Tenderstories, in collaboration with Rai Cinema, Vision Distribution, and Sky, which will be released in Italian theaters on March 8./ INFO

The reorganization work of the Wikidonne project has revealed that the Italian Wikipedia page is missing a great many relevant women’s biographies. The goal of the “women greater than twenty” initiative is to dedicate the month of March to writing these entries./ INFO

RaiCultura presents a web-doc created to celebrate March 8. Historical videos selected from the RAI archives, combined with exclusive content to retrace the main stages of women’s conquest of civil and political rights./ INFO

From Italy:

September 15, 2022 – June 11, 2023 / Friuli Venezia Giulia – Trieste / INFO

ARS Botanica. Paper Gardens

The exhibit opens a window to the precious botanical books that guided the footsteps, sparked the interest and furthered the knowledge of those who designed the Miramare Castle gardens in Trieste, one of the most cherished and visited cultural venues in Italy.

October 22, 2022 – March 26, 2023 / Tuscany – Florence/ INFO


The exhibition is comprised of about 200 works of the most iconic works that have made Escher famous worldwide and chronicles the genius with the most iconic works of his production.

January 28-March 31, 2023 / Tuscany – Pescia  / INFO

20×15 Works on paper for the Magnani Historical Archives of Pescia

(Artists: Gianni Caravaggio, Irene Dionisio, Binta Diaw, and others)

The Pescia Paper Museum inaugurates its 2023 exhibition activity with the second edition of the project, curated by Ilaria Bernardi, entitled 20×15. Works on Paper for the Magnani Historical Archives


From the World:

June 20, 2022 – February 27, 2023 / China – Shinan district, Qingdao / INFO

Material Thinking

(Artists: Helene Tschacher, Aïdée Bernard, Bornemisza Eszter, Mali Klein, Sefi Gal and other)
“Material Thinking” is the 1st International Symposium on Contemporary Material Art with artworks from 80 Countries and from districts from all over the world.

05 January 2023 – 18 February 2023 / Austria – Bludenz / INFO

Paper Art and Pop-Ups
(Artist: Wilhelm Schramm)
A culture and philosophy exhibit of paper art, popups and books.

January 12, 2023 – April 02, 2023 / Switzerland – Basel / INFO

Letters Around the World – Postal Artist Books

A traveling exhibition of artworks created during the pandemic standstill. Each work is the result of an exchange of experiences between two artists from different countries around the globe, who entered into a dialogue with their works by mail.

January 18, 2023 – March 11, 2023 / Netherlands – Emmen / INFO

Fragile Reactions

(Artists: Ina Fekken and others)
The artist uses paper, fragile and with a gentle beauty, but also resistant and durable, to express a stark and oppressive reality that mirrors the current themes of Covid, biodiversity, gas extraction in Groningen and the war in Ukraine.