Lucca Biennale Cartasia


Lucca Biennale Cartasia (LUBICA) was born in 2004 thanks to the creative intuition of Emiliano Galigani, who wished to combine Lucca’s historical memory and the crucial industrial presence of the paper district with the then unexplored artistic dimension. Since 1307, Lucca and its surrounding area have been a center for the production of parchment paper. The first paper mill was built in 1549 and marked the beginning of large-scale paper production. What is currently recognized as the leading paper center in Europe developed after World War II. Over the years, we have created a unique and singular event that celebrates paper art as a global movement while focusing on its future trends. The overall aim is to contribute to the cultural and economic growth of paper art on an international scale. The exhibition has evolved from year to year, finally becoming a not-to-be-missed biannual appointment. Every edition takes a small step forward: a new section, a host country, a unique event. The goal is to always grow and do it to the best of our ability.

LUBICA and its values

Sustainability / to promote sustainability intended as safeguarding the future by being aware of the present. To pursue research whilst enhancing initiatives aimed at changing one’s perspective.
Art & Culture / to propose new ideas and stimulate an open debate in the ethical, intellectual, spiritual and cultural fields.
Innovation / to identify out-of-the-box thinkers who can make the world a better place by using paper.
Tradition / to treasure and enhance the historical memory of “paper making” while highlighting the importance of the past both as a stimulus for new ideas and as a cautionary tale of mistakes that must not to be repeated.