Lucca Biennale Cartasia



1.   Download the call, read it carefully, and complete the attached application form.

2.   Make the payment for the entry fee.

3.    Send us your application and the requested documents.

* Some news for those applying by May 31! Click Here

The new Calls for Entries for the 2024 edition will be published by January 2023.

Although the role of artists has changed over the years, their importance and responsibility are unique and priceless, for artists are the sensors and representatives of the current times. Regardless of the final result, LUBICA wishes to thank all those who accept this challenge and submit their stimulating ideas.
All participants are invited to visit the exhibition and to take part in the Network Days.

FINALISTS ANNOUNCEMENT Outdoor section XI edition of the Lucca Biennale Cartasia

Daniele Cornacchia / Choice
Eu Tazé / Entrust
Kazuya Katagiri / Koyori Tower
Papier Atelier / Simurgh
Sebastian Blomqvist / Emerging from Obscurity
Zofia Chamera / Shedding Fear



Adele Biscaretti  / Drop

Alina Isabel Pérez / Rifugio

Andreas Schluttig / Sciame di Gabbiani bianchi

Anna Onesti / Il bianco Unicorno

Christina Lihan / Nature prevails

Claudia Castelletto / Monumenti del quotidiano

Claudia Zanaga / Il cappello dell’artigiano III

Dalila Mendez / Human intervention of the way

Daniele Cornacchia / Choice

Diego Repetto / UATU

Elisa Gallo Rosso / Verba Galoppant

Eu Tazé / Entrust

Federica Macis / Rebirth

Federica Macis / Resheber

Francisca Garriga - Mauricio Méndez / Bosque de juncos

Furkan Depeli / As an act

Kasia Ziolkowska / Unanticipated Pathway

Katarzyna Łyszkowska / Don’t look back

Kazuya Katagiri / Koyori Tower

Lenka Konopasek / Celebration of the impossible

Lidia Meneghini / M’ama non m’ama

Marco Conti - IPER-Collettivo / Parkifying the future

Marco Zecchinato / Quinta

Maria Genitsariou / The white paper is a harsh mirror reflecting only who you were

Marisa Merlin / Abitare il mondo

Matteo Raciti / Bianca

Michele Alberghini / Alibi

Núria Farrús Cañas / Punto in bianco

Papier Atelier / Simurg

Pedro Polech / Ojala 

Randy Dixon / In searching of meaning

Roberta Cerini / Digit 

Sebastian Blomqvist / Emerging from Obscurity

Tim Southall / Open to new light 

Zofia Chamera / Shedding Fear

The call for entries is addressed to artists, performers, designers, and architects from around the world to express their vision on the edition’s theme by using paper and its by-products. The goal is to create bold, unique, and innovative artwork that will be exhibited outdoors in August and September.

Finalists will be hosted in residence in Lucca for the month of July. A wonderful opportunity to exchange ideas with other participants, live a research-study experience, and embrace fun and passion in Tuscany.

Outdoor call winners are provided with an artist residency for the duration of the realization of the works, roundtrip travel, materials, technical assistance, and a cash prize.

Some of the squares and city venues that will host and exhibit the Outdoor work include:

Piazza S. Francesco, Piazza S. Michele, Loggiato Pretorio, Porta dei Borghi, Arco S. Girolamo, Piazza Anfiteatro, Piazza S. Frediano, Piazza Napoleone, Piazza della Cittadella, and Giardino degli Osservanti.

Artists who apply by May 31, 2023, will have the opportunity to publish an in-depth feature in Beyond People&Paper the new magazine, print and online by Lubica! Tell the world about your Art, apply today and join LUBICA 2024!

2024 Theme: “Here and Now: Tomorrow”

Nowadays, nothing seems to last and people often seem to act only in the here and now, without considering the consequences of their actions, as if they faced no tomorrow. Art, on the other hand, has always had its eyes set on tomorrow, and on the human mind’s countless opportunities to travel beyond itself, searching for new worlds to build, imagine and discover.
At the same time, knowing how to live in the present – the here and now – is crucial in our existence. The present is the only time in which we can truly exist, grow, feel, love, and rejoice. Too often, we forget about this simple fact and end up repeating the same actions over and over as if in a trance, that of linear time, the time of our ego, of material living.

The outside world, society, our obligations, as well as social media are constantly calling our attention away from the here and now, distracting us from the present moment, postponing it to a later time, tomorrow, maybe.

The city center squares where Outdoor artworks will be exhibited are:

Piazza San Martino – Piazza Napoleone – Piazzale Verdi – Loggiato Pretorio – Piazza Guidiccioni – Piazza San Frediano – Piazza San Francesco – Piazza della Cittadella – Piazzale Arrigoni – Piazza Santa Maria – Porta dei Borghi

The new Calls for Entries for the 2024 edition will be published by January 2023.