Lucca Biennale Cartasia


Fear& Desire

Fear has always played an important role in guiding us as individuals and in sketching out Human History, on a larger scale. Through fear, individuals are able to understand or recognize their own limits and then decide whether to challenge, to overcome or to be overwhelmed by them. Sometimes fear hinders us from experiencing new emotions; other times, fear coincides with out survival instinct and becomes a guardian angel.


Can fear be a synonym of preservation and of growth at the same time? Can fear be limit, but also a starting point? Can it foster the development of a critical sense? Can desire come to the aid of fear when it constitutes a limit?  Can desire become an excess that fear must stop? On the other hand, Desire is necessary. It is the foundation of all inspiration, it stands for motivation, movement and the pursuit of pleasure. Although we usually give it a positive meaning, desire has its own dark side. Be they real or induced, desire can shape aspirations and perspectives, together with the future of men, of the community and of contemporary society.