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Beyond Paper & People

Who we are

Beyond Paper & People (bdpp), is the official blog of Lucca Biennale Cartasia (LUBICA), an international event dedicated to paper art and architecture.

What is Lucca Biennale Cartasia?

Lucca Biennale Cartasia (LUBICA) is an event born in 2004 with the intention of combining art with the historical memory of a territory that hosts the important industrial presence of the first paper district of Italy and still among the most important in Europe.

What has been created in recent years is a unique and singular event that recognizes the art of paper as a global movement, narrating future trends in order to contribute to cultural and economic improvement on an international scale. The exhibition has been evolving from year to year, until it reaches the regular biennial frequency.

Each edition makes a small step forward: a new section, a guest country, a unique event.

Sustainability, research, culture, art, innovation and tradition are the values on which the Biennale is founded, promoting the sustainable approach understood as safeguarding the future, through attention to the present, enhancing initiatives aimed at changing one’s perspective, presenting new ideas and stimulating discussion in the moral, intellectual, spiritual and cultural fields, identifying contemporary thinkers capable of improving and innovating the world by using paper, emphasizing the importance of a past that is a stimulus for new ideas and a reminder of mistakes not to be repeated.

The goal is to always grow and do it better.

Why the blog?

Blogs give us the fantastic opportunity to talk, interact and exchange opinions and points of view with everyone. A way to make one’s voice heard, to tell and inform on a specific topic potentially on a global level.

This is where the idea of Beyond Paper&People – the blog (bdpp) was born. A space dedicated to paper and people, where you can find not only articles that talk about art, architecture and design, industry, innovation and sustainability, but also can to tell your stories.

Lubica is not just an event but a path that develops and grows every day and we want to do it with you. With bdpp we want to raise awareness of paper as a valuable and sustainable material for art and architecture, curating and publishing content related to the sector, making the latest news from the “world of paper” more accessible to all.

If you are a blogger or journalist and want to write stories related to paper, or simply have something to tell… write us!