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  • Dynamic and Sustainable Paper

    Dynamic and Sustainable Paper

    The experiment with paper is ambitious and fundamental, but it requires general research and development. Integrated architectural and engineering design can marry innovation and the use of sustainable materials and construction systems. Lubica Paper Summit 2023 Giulia Bertolucci Giulia Bertolucci, coordinator of the National Institute of Bioarchitecture – Lucca section, and curator of the Architecture… Read More »Dynamic and Sustainable Paper

  • Art, Altered Paper, and Creativity

    Art, Altered Paper, and Creativity

    Antonio Manzoni’s workshop begins with a fundamental question: “How can creativity be nurtured in individuals of all ages?” The workshop provides examples of experiments tailored to the participant’s age group.. Lubica Paper Summit 2023 Antonio Manzoni In the vast world of art and education, the significance of creativity has been explored and celebrated across various… Read More »Art, Altered Paper, and Creativity

  • The adventures of a pop-up designer

    The adventures of a pop-up designer

    Massimo Missiroli I’m a pop-up designer and I design pop-up books, but my real life, the one that gave me a salary, was working as a part-time bank teller in the mornings for 43 years. Then in the afternoons and in my spare time I had this great adventure, which has been going on for… Read More »The adventures of a pop-up designer

  • Happy 155th birthday, typewriter.

    Happy 155th birthday, typewriter.

    If you have this old friend this is the right day to dust it off! The first in history to send a novel in typed form to a publisher was Mark Twain in 1883, who wrote his first book on the Remington No.1, the first mass-produced typewriter. It was Christopher Latham Sholes who patented it… Read More »Happy 155th birthday, typewriter.

  • Origami technique

    Origami technique

    Folding paper to fight anxiety and stress Origami is a Japanese term that has long since become part of our lexicon. In fact, almost all of us know the art of folding paper that bears this name and many, perhaps even as children, will have tried this technique in their school years as well as… Read More »Origami technique

  • Wearable origami

    Wearable origami

    Cinzia Verni Paper is everyone’s altar, industrious purity folded to the fingers of the days. Paper is the original material that manifests the rare and wise saying, it is the endless fabric that I sew around my thoughts, ironic exuberance, wise and silent poetry. The geometric shapes of these dresses are the result of a… Read More »Wearable origami

  • Black on paper

    Black on paper

    Chiaselotti Stefania I’m Stefania Chiaselotti and I work for a publishing house as a graphic designer. For some years I have been dedicating myself to black on paper, to the creation of characters that arise exclusively from symbols, graphic signs, numbers and letters. The idea is in fact called Tipanera, baptized with a small booklet… Read More »Black on paper

  • Liberation of Italy

    Liberation of Italy

    The role of the clandestine newspapers During Fascism, the press was one of the most important political tools. The news were approved or possibly censored by the government. The free press was born with the Liberation. In a single day, dozens of newspapers were published, ready to assert their positions.  The first newspaper of the… Read More »Liberation of Italy

  • The future of architecture and design on paper

    The future of architecture and design on paper

    Studies and projects dedicated to innovation and sustainability Paper and architecture are a combination that has existed for a long time, which in many cultures has created spaces to live and inhabit. The use of paper in architecture raises questions that are still unanswered, it forces us to wonder about the meaning of architecture, about… Read More »The future of architecture and design on paper

  • Paper for sustainability

    Paper for sustainability

    From separate waste collection to industry When we talk about paper for sustainability we usually think of a political-administrative protocol, an agreement between industrial realities and environmental associations, or a letter of intent. But it’s not just it. Separate paper collection is essential for triggering circular economy processes, “where the value of products, materials and… Read More »Paper for sustainability

  • The paper that sprouts!

    The paper that sprouts!

    Nothing is born from diamonds… flowers are born from paper! De Andrè sang it, nothing can born from diamonds… but natural materials such as sheets of paper can end their life cycle by making a flower bloom. How? Let’s find out together! Sprouting paper is an original and ecological idea that has won over many… Read More »The paper that sprouts!

  • Paper Stone: paper made out of stone

    Paper Stone: paper made out of stone

    Paper beats stone? It will seem impossible but today we can write directly on sheets that look like paper, but which are actually produced from stone dust, precisely calcium carbonate, held together by high intensity polyethylene. Stone paper is a paper mainly composed of calcium carbonate (waste stone, marble and tiles). Powdered calcium carbonate (80%)… Read More »Paper Stone: paper made out of stone

  • The hemp paper

    The hemp paper

    An ancient, new resource. The history of paper is deeply linked to culture and science. Man had an urgent need: to communicate certain information in written form to his fellow humans. The information had to be fixed on a light and resistant support, which was easily transportable. Hemp was among the first materials used for… Read More »The hemp paper

  • Elephant Dung Paper

    Elephant Dung Paper

    Alternative, innovative and sustainable ways of producing paper. Nature does not produce useless waste, everything is functional to the well-being of the environment. There is not only cellulose or wood pulp among the raw materials used for making paper. In fact, there are other elements found in nature that can be used in the same… Read More »Elephant Dung Paper

  • False myths on paper

    False myths on paper

    Did you know that… Since its inception, paper has played a vital role in spreading knowledge and technological challenges. It has accompanied us for over 2000 years and has been part of our daily life from morning to night: we find it in the fields of communication, education, art and culture, commerce, storage and transport… Read More »False myths on paper

  • Materials to make paper

    Materials to make paper

    Only with trees? Absolutely not! You may not be responsible for the situation you are in, but you will be if you do nothing to change it. Before delving into man’s incredible discoveries, it is important to know what is true and what is false when we talk about paper production. There are stories that… Read More »Materials to make paper

  • Vegetable fiber paper

    Vegetable fiber paper

    Aliza Thomas Our rapidly changing times make a 50 year span “a long time”. Everything started in the Negev desert, where I used to lived. To create my art, I once used paper imported from France. However, in 1973, the Yom Kippur war broke out and as we know, wars change lives: importing “paper” was… Read More »Vegetable fiber paper

  • A new life

    A new life

    Vincent Tomczyk In 2010, I took some of my unemployment money and used it to attend an art class. President Obama was in office at the time, and he encouraged us to re-educate ourselves with our unemployment benefit, in hopes that when the economy bounced back, we would be prepared to enter the workforce. I’m… Read More »A new life

  • Origami


    Anita Cerpelloni Paper Project Venice – Architect My love for paper was born with my love for drawing and painting, since I was a child. Making origami animals, traveling to look for suitable papers either handmade or industrial. In 1992 I made my first trip to China and I bought some rice paper titles, one… Read More »Origami

  • Paper & Sustainability

    Paper & Sustainability

    Giovanna Bittante My name is Giovanna Bittante and I am a jewelry designer. I studied in Italy and now live in Spain, where I conjure and give shape to my ideas. To create jewelry, I started experimenting and combining everyday materials with the more “noble” goldsmithing ones already back in 2006. I began using paper… Read More »Paper & Sustainability

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