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Wearable origami

Cinzia Verni Paper is everyone’s altar, industrious purity folded to the fingers of the days. Paper is the original material that manifests the rare and wise saying, it is the endless fabric that I sew… Read More »Wearable origami

Black on paper

Chiaselotti Stefania I’m Stefania Chiaselotti and I work for a publishing house as a graphic designer. For some years I have been dedicating myself to black on paper, to the creation of characters that arise… Read More »Black on paper

A new life


Vincent Tomczyk In 2010, I took some of my unemployment money and used it to attend an art class. President Obama was in office at the time, and he encouraged us to re-educate ourselves with… Read More »A new life



Anita Cerpelloni Paper Project Venice – Architect My love for paper was born with my love for drawing and painting, since I was a child. Making origami animals, traveling to look for suitable papers either… Read More »Origami